I Am Not Afraid of Cannibals and Nazis

Cannibals and Nazis didn’t make Kolya nervous, but the threat of embarrassment did—the possibility that a stranger might laugh at the lines he’d written.

Benioff is writing about the resistance here, the fear of posting, the fear of sending, the fear of finishing, the fear of doing, the fear of action, the fear of judgement, the fear.

Many would welcome death if it meant never being judged again. Words, looks, silence can be terrifying.

I have yet to find out what happens to our hero, but reading this passage, this beautiful manifestation of fear makes me want to finish.

Acknowledge the fear, it means well and is only trying to protect you. But there are no lions in the tall grass waiting for you, no cannibals around the corner. Just you, your words, and that haunting blue button.

Put the kettle on and hit publish on your way out.

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