Brush your teeth and wash your brain

Over the past 10 years I have experimented with super caffeination, polyphasic sleep, the DaVinci method (slightly different than PS), meditation, affirmations, and visualization as ways to prolong wakeful productive time.

I am an idiot.

Seriously, re-read that line above. It’s true.

In my hubris, I, the mighty Kent Fenwick from Toronto, Canada decided that I would be the one to reach a new level of consciousness and kill this disease called sleep. I would use my super mental powers to will myself awake, to drug myself, to fight nature and evolution itself! A God among men and women…

I was an idiot.

Seriously, re-read that line above. It’s true.

If you are a positive optimist as I am, then you will read this and get a renewed sense of energy.

“No bro, there are these pills you can buy from Amazon that…”

“You clearly never snorted adderall.”

“You gave up! You should have kept experimenting! Did you try…”

All that jazz ^^

So why wait 10 years for the rant? Because I am starting to see explorers that look a lot like I did. The lack of sleep is being worn as a badge of honor. Let me set the record straight, consistent lack of sleep is a failure of prioritization and focus, not a badge of honour.

We might discover a way to wash our brain (yes our brain is a dishwasher) artificially, and could reduce our dependance on sleep but that day is not today. So go to sleep.

Let’s not celebrate things are scientifically known to be toxic and bad. I will never brag about how little sleep I get anymore and frankly, I should hope for a swift kick to the nuts if I do.

The only way to know you are on, is by turning off.

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