Add Value or Stop

Extreme? Maybe. True? You betcha!

Companies that win are the ones that understand that adding value is the only way to build a sustainable and profitable business.


Your product by definition must add value or else you will find it hard to get and keep customers.


Your brand needs to exude value. Forget about content marketing! That’s just a fad or a buzz word for things that great companies have been doing for decades.

Adding value in marketing is the simplest thing you can do. Just ask yourself one question.

Would you say “Thank you” or “F$@& you” if you got it? The test is pretty clear.


Your company needs to add value to society. The easiest way to do that is to hire amazing people, invest in them and get out of their way. If you keep your employees happy and productive, they will keep their friends, loved ones and community happy too. Treat them well, better than you think. Pay them a little more, give a few Fridays off and watch them repay that in kind.

If you aren’t adding value on these levels than what are you really doing?

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