I Am Not Afraid of Cannibals and Nazis

September 4, 2013

Cannibals and Nazis didn’t make Kolya nervous, but the threat of embarrassment did—the possibility that a stranger might laugh at the lines he’d written.

Benioff is writing about the resistance here, the fear of posting, the fear of sending, the fear of finishing, the fear of doing, the fear of action, the fear of judgement, the fear.

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What Bryan Cranston Taught Me at 4:00am

September 3, 2013

“Grab that cord will you… it’s time to eat!”

Mark, the fat grip yelled at me as I starred blankly back. It was 3:30am on a Wednesday in October and snow was falling all around me. Well, it looked like snow but it certainly wasn’t. The texture was more like cotton and the flavour something like the coloured clip of a Bic clicky pencil. Plastic. Artificial. I am on a movie set and someone, Mark, the fat grip thinks I belong here.

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