The Well of Lost Ideas

Did you invent it? Did you come up with it? Did you start it? Really?

Then where is it? Show it to me.

You can’t can you? Because that’s all you did. You thought, you talked, and you dreamed. These are all good things, all very, very important things but you forgot the most important step.

You forgot to build it.

In 2009, read more…

The End of Mediocrity

There are many credos, mantras, affirmations, culture speak, news speak and other forms of written communication all aimed at making you or the people around you better.

These devices work. Don’t stop using them.

Here is one to add to the list: Stop making crappy things.

Think of all the things that you do in a day and now consider how many of those things are … read more…

Context Aware Computing Is the Next Big Thing

Back in my days at DGP we would look at research done at Parc by Bill Schilit and his colleagues. One of the most impressive experiments was the read more…

Why I Still Think Dropbox Will Launch Email by Year End

When Dropbox bought Mailbox I figured they were months away from launching an email service. Turns out that didn’t happen, but the gem of the idea must be there.

Dropbox is poised to revolutionize email by killing attachments.

If you don’t … read more…

I Am Not Afraid of Cannibals and Nazis

Cannibals and Nazis didn’t make Kolya nervous, but the threat of embarrassment did—the possibility that a stranger might laugh at the lines he’d written.

Benioff is writing about read more…

What Bryan Cranston Taught Me at 4:00am

“Grab that cord will you… it’s time to eat!”

Mark, the fat grip yelled at me as I starred blankly back. It was 3:30am on a Wednesday in October and snow was falling all around me. Well, it looked like snow but it certainly wasn’t. … read more…

Why No One Will Read Your Thesis

I am in the final stages of finishing my masters thesis under the supervision of Ron Baecker. Together, over the course of nearly two years, Ron and I, with the help of many others have created Friend Forecaster, a context-aware system designed to help you remember people’s names. I am very proud, relieved and excited to be finished my masters, however, as I sit here and finish the last two or … read more…